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About Us

Do you know why there is a balloon on our logo?

It’s because our mission at Life Improvement Media Group, Inc. is to make your business soar. Our comprehensive marketing and media services all serve the same purpose – making you, our client, more successful.

We do more than just website design. We use the latest techniques, technologies and platforms to grow your business. Radio, audio, print, video, social media management, internet advertising and marketing consulting are just a few of the multiple services offered by Life Improvement Media Group, Inc.

This is not the typical website design studio or web development agency. Life Improvement Media creates website designs that are attractive and easy to use with the ability to drive real results. We create every design through small business marketing research, graphic design creation, SEO and development centered around your business needs. This means your design is inspirational and packed with beautiful design features.

We harness the power ofWordPress to power the websites that we design. This will give you the ability to enhance your website by choosing from thousands of plug-ins.

Our digital web strategy and development is all about creating the right design solution for clients. We aim to exceed the expectations of our clients through creativity and success. We take pride in making websites searchable, findable, scalable, intuitive, visually beautiful, modern, cross-platform, with the latest web standards and functionality. The websites that we create are about the focus, goals and objectives, not just technical blueprints. They are created based on a digital strategy and data, not my gut feeling, guesswork and personal preferences.

Life Improvement Media builds smarter websites by creating solutions that have both creative elements combined with rational business ideas to ensure success. The best thing about our design is that they are flexibile to add new features. Everything about that makes every client happy especially when it becomes cost.

Our studio is located in beautiful Downtown St. Pete and like many of our clients, we are a small to medium sized local business. We believe in building strong relationships with other local business owners and providing high-quality services that fit a range of budgets.

With the Life Improvement Media Group, life is made easy for your business!

Contact us to discuss your marketing and media needs. You will love our ideas and our straightforward service packages.