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About the Founder

ErikAbout the Founder: Erik Remmel, President.

Being a business owner is in my blood.  My parents were entrepreneurs and that really influenced my career path from an early age.

When I was 13 years old I started helping out in my father’s medical’s office doing simple jobs like filling and organizing.  At 14 I decided to “strike out on my own” and I started my sales career at the infamous Wagon Wheel flea market in Pinellas Park, FL.  Grapes, strawberries, oranges – if I was selling them, you were buying them!  I loved the way customers kept coming back week after week because they loved the fruit and felt they got good value.  It was an early lesson in the importance of quality as part of customer loyalty.

In my mid 20’s I started working with Alltel communications – they were a telecommunications company that provided cell phones, land lines, servers, and other business technology solutions.  I started in the overnight IT Help Desk troubleshooting escalated technology issues for customers and Alltel reps.

Within year I was managing a team in the IT department and soon after I was invite to join the retail side of the business.  My job was to sell products and services in one of our store locations…so I sold, and I sold, and quickly reached the top sales spot in the country.

After about a year in the store I was recruited to Enterprise Business Solutions team.  This was the big leagues of sales.  Rather than selling a $300 phone, I was selling $3 Million+ dollar telephone systems and software networks.  For about 4 years, I analyzed my client’s business operations and created customized technology and service solutions.  My IT background combined with my sales skills made me incredibly successful in this role .I brokered several multi-million dollars deals a year and the commissions were generous.  When Verizon bought out Alltel and offered me a package, I retired a millionaire.

But guess what happens when you retire at 30?

You get bored! For a while, I worked as an Independent Business Consultant, going into companies throughout the state of Florida, analyzing their business processes, and helping them become more efficient by creating customized process and technology solutions. It was great, but not personal enough so I invested in a Wellness Center and managed it for about 3 years.  That’s when I learned a huge secret in marketing.

As the Managing Director of the Wellness Center it was part of my responsibility to create and launch marketing campaigns.  This required working with local printers, promotional product companies, trade show specialists, etc.  Turns out, I didn’t feel like I got the best service possible.  Because we were a medical facility, service providers constantly tried to overcharge us and reliability was poor.

Frustrated and upset that local business owners would do this to each other, I set out to make it right.  The timing was perfect.  It was time for me to leave the Wellness Center, so I launched my own company, Life Improvement Media Group, to fill the marketing gap I saw in our business community.

The Life Improvement Media Group is a full service marketing and media company.  We broke ground in Podcasting and Internet Radio way ahead of the craze and in four years we have built a loyal audience with millions of unique listeners per year.

We gave our clients a voice, then backed their success with high-quality Websites, Printing Services, Promotional Products, Photography, Video Services, Social Media Management, and more.  My team has grown to over 20 qualified employees and contractors all focused on one mission – to provide high-quality, comprehensive marketing and media services at fair prices.

Want to learn more about me, the team, and how we can help your business soar?  Email me at  Let’s talk about your business and maybe set-up a tour of our studio in beautiful Downtown St. Pete.