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Meet Our Staff

Life Improvement Media Group employs over 20 different designers, marketers, developers and sales people throughout the world! The following staff members are permanent employees, based in our St. Petersburg, Florida office!

Founder & CEO: Erik Remmel

Erik Remmel

President & CEO

The Life Improvement Media Group is a full service marketing and media company.  We broke ground in Podcasting and Internet Radio way ahead of the craze and in six years we have built a loyal audience with millions of unique listeners per year.  We offer hundreds of unique services to clients all over the globe. Want to learn more about me, the team, and how we can help your business soar?  Email me anytime and let’s talk about your business.  Click here to read my founder bio.

  • Sales / Management 75%
  • Project Development 20%
  • Photo Bombing the staff 5%
Creative Director/Lead Designer & Developer

Nathan Daugherty


Nathan has spent 7+ years in the professional marketing and design world, having helped over 20+ large companies expand their reach creatively. His expansive background in the arts makes him an absolutely vital part to every project. Nathan is a professional singer, with many competition wins under his belt, and can often be seen in his Blues Brothers Tribute Band or in a local musical theatre production. Follow him on Twitter, @NDaugherty1, and visit his personal website,

  • Radio Production 85%
  • Videography/Photography 10%
  • Professional Pug Whisperer 5%
Sociability Expert

Amanda Tappan

Sociability Expert

Amanda’s unique combination of education and several years of experience in social media marketing has developed her as a key asset to LIMG’s marketing team. She uses her knowledge of sociability to help companies develop a comprehensive marketing plan that will work for them along with assisting with the implementation of the project. When she’s not at the office, you can find her at the pool teaching swim lessons.

Email Amanda to learn more about your company’s level of sociability.

  • Social Media 85%
  • Search Engine Optimization 10%
  • Getting Erik Lunch 5%
Graphic Designer

Justin Ulrich

Graphic Designer 

As a result of successful networking connections here in the Tampa Bay area, Justin joins our team with experience in graphic design and video and audio reduction, starting with self teachings of Adobe programs before he had his drivers license. He is an extremely detail oriented person down to the last pica, pixel and frame. Design is only the tip of the iceberg for him – he enjoys a bit of risk as shown by his Darren move to Tampa on his own a few years back!

  • Graphic Design 90%
  • Web Development 5%
  • Monster Truck Racing 5%

Timely Support

If you are ever in need of support, we are there to help. Chances are, we will find your problem before you do! It’s our job to fix any issues quickly and without stress.

Innovative Ideas

New ideas flow in our office every day. We are very used to insane propositions, outlandish suggestions, and just plain craziness. It’s in our blood.

Advanced Technology

Did you know that the editing software we use is the EXACT same that they used to create the AVATAR movies? We aren’t afraid to go the “extra” mile for that amazing piece of equipment.

Clear Communication

We use a very comprehensive CMS to make sure that you are properly looped in to your project. Status updates are available 24/7, directly through your very own client portal.

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