If you own a business, chances are, you have probably pulled up Google and searched for your company’s main keywords many times – if you haven’t done that, then you should. Are you aware that there are different types of listings? You have the traditional organic listings, and local listings. The question is – is a listing service important for a website? The short answer to that is “yes.”

Before we elaborate on why a listing service is important for your website, let us explain the difference between local and organic listings. Basically, organic listings are Google’s “trusted” listings that can be found from any locations, whereas, local listings are linked to the individuals geographic location.

When it comes to organic search results, Google has spiders that “crawl” websites and indexes the pages. When a user does a search and Google feels that your page should be displayed in the search query, they display the corresponding page.

With local searches, let’s say you are looking for a contractor, even if you don’t include the location you’re at in your search query, the locations of local contractors would show up in the search results. This is because Google notices where you are located and the search engine is helping you find services that are close to you.

How important are Listing Services?

Regardless of the type of listing you choose, whether it’s organic or local, it is very important and shouldn’t be skipped. Here’s why listing services are important:

Expand Your Visibility – Listing services can help you expand your visibility. They can also help you add more visual content like videos, pictures, and so on. In return, this will help increase exposure and sales because it gives the consumer a clear picture of what your business is offering.

Cheap Exposure – If you want to list your business on a search engine, like Google, then you can do so, freely. That’s right, it’s free to list your business on directories, social sites, review sites, and most search engines. So, if you intend on listing your business, you can do it yourself, free of charge, but keep in mind that there are errors that you can make if you’re not familiar with the platform.


There are so many benefits in listings that we can’t name them all – just know that it’s something you should take advantage of. On an ending note – having duplicate listings can hurt your business, so make sure you avoid this. Not claiming your listings can also hurt you. For this reason, we suggest putting money towards a company that specializes in listings.