Do you only work with clients in Florida?
Luckily for you, no, we are not limited to working only in Florida. Because we are a digital agency, we are able to work with anyone across the globe.
How long does the average project take?
We can only give you an average timeline because not every project is the same. In fact, the majority of our projects are unlike any others even though they may be in the same category. For websites, the usual turn around time ranges between 30-45 days. This comes as a result of communication between us and the client and any changes during the process.
How much of my content do I need before starting a project?
To put it simply, the more content we have to start your project, the better. It will save design time on our end and speed up the process to completion on your end.
Do you have a return policy?
Yes, we do have a return policy. It is possible to receive a partial refund, if your project is canceled within the terms of your agreement.
Do you work with other agencies or white label your services?
Yes, we do collaborate with other agencies. If you’re interested, please contact us further to discuss.


How does payment work?
Great question. We require 50% down, 25% paid in the middle of your project and the remaining 25% upon completion. This is the standard unless you are financing, in which case, we require payment in full.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We only accept payment in the form of valid credit cards.
Do you offer financing?
Effective 2018, we do offer a financing option! Please contact us for clarification on the terms according to your upcoming project.


What programming languages do you code in?
We are certified to program in all languages and exclusively code in WordPress with its various builders for new projects.
Do you have a referral or an affiliate program?
Yes, we do. We offer a commission for referrals upon closing new business.
Do I own my content, images, design or website?
Of course, you own your intellectual property. Unlike other website platforms, WordPress does not retain any content—images, audio, written copy, copyright, logo, design, or otherwise. We do not own your content either simply because we use it to build your website or promote your business or brand.
Are you a Google Partner?
Life Improvement Media is a certified Google Adwords partner.
Can I build my own package with you?
Absolutely! We welcome the opportunity to build a custom package with you to best fit your needs.
Do I have a sign a contract?
Yes, please. We kindly ask everyone to sign contracts. We send proposals for your review and approval before beginning work on your project. A signed proposal becomes the official contract. It’s a two-way agreement for both your protection and our protection.

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