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When You Need a Digital Marketing Agency in Florida, Choose Life Improvement Media

You have invested significant amounts of time and energy into your business, and it’s working. Still, it could be better!

If you want to see a better return on your investment, now is the chance with Life Improvement Media.

We’re fully integrated as a digital marketing agency and can help you develop your strategies so that you’re found online.

What Makes Us Different?


We’re innovators: we’ll get to the heart of your brand and build a package customized to your need and budget. We’ll make sure your logo, fonts, and colors all present a consistent, powerful, memorable message every time you’re searched and found online.

We’ve spent a decade developing our expertise in SEO and local search. We know how to make sure your website ranks high on all search engines. We can make it load quickly and help visits convert to sales.

When it comes to website development in Florida, we have what you require. It’s impossible to do everything yourself. Let our team help develop your site so that it is streamlined, interesting, and easy to navigate. As your responsive web design company, we can also ensure that smartphones show your website at its best. Our digital marketing service includes everything you need for your company’s growth.

Scalable Services

All our services are scalable. You can start small, and add services as you need them. We have financing options that make your choices affordable.

Virtual Meetings

We work all over the country, from our offices on Florida’s Suncoast. We use Skype or Zoom to bring our office to you.

Professional Staff

From Day One, you’ll collaborate with seasoned professionals who are both knowledgeable and easy to work with. They enjoy helping you to succeed, and their dedication and attention to detail are unmatched.

Outstanding Support

Life Improvement Media invests in the best equipment and software available to make the growth process simple for your business or brand.

Our Featured Services

Brand Development

Brand development makes your business memorable. We make sure your logo, fonts, and even your color selection all work toward a common goal. Your stationery, signage, website, social platforms, and promotional products all should present a coordinated identity.

Digital Marketing

Your solid brand identity needs an equally solid marketing plan. Our expertise in local search, SEO, and social media work together to raise your search rankings, drive traffic to your website, grow lead generation, and foster conversions to increase your bottom line.


Our Helium Radio Network features several Internet radio packages to give voice to your brand. We program recorded, downloadable podcasts, as well as live shows that allow your listeners to interact in real time. Your podcast puts you on the fast track to establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing Planning

Our Mission, Our Passion

Life Improvement Media is something of an anomaly: in a highly competitive business sector, we want to improve the quality of our clients’ business successes, as well as their quantity.

Our comprehensive marketing and media services are designed to help your business soar above your competitors, integrating high-tech/high-touch approaches that generate virtual and real-world results.

Brand development in Florida is often focused on the logo and colors used, but that’s not all you’ve got to consider. No, you need the right approach to all aspects of your business and branding. For example, content creation in Florida can help boost your blog so that people get interested and want to know more. Of course, our printing service allows you to have the best products to keep your company in the public’s eye.

We take your success personally, and each member of our team brings a high level of understanding and expertise to each project, ensuring you of a finished project that will help attract the kinds of clients who will seek you out, again and again.

By offering the full slate of services, from concept, to design, to implementation, using the most advanced technologies and leading techniques, we are able to provide you with a coordinated marketing plan to use across social media, traditional advertising, podcasting, and video productions. We marry your ideals with our ideas to create an integrated plan designed to take your business to the top.

Our Key Industries


Like any agency, we welcome clients from a variety of industries.

Here are some of our key market sectors. Our team includes professionals with specific experience in these arenas.

Healthcare Services

Doctors’ offices, group practices, concierge medical services, and home healthcare and DME providers.

Franchising Services

Franchisors, Recruiters, Developers, and Franchisees.

Professional Services

Financial Planners, Attorneys, CPAs, Insurance Agencies and Adjusters.

Retail and Local Services

Clothing, Electronics, Car Dealerships, Mechanics, Plumbers, etc.

Insurance Agency Services

Home, Auto, Life, Health, Business coverage to fit your budget

Planning Your Success

Our goal is to send your business soaring into the clouds. To do that, we keep our feet planted firmly on the ground, using techniques that we’ve shown to be effective.

We start with a phone or video call, learning about your needs and your business model, and explaining our services so you can decide which of them you need.

One of our project managers will be your primary contact throughout our working relationship. Your project manager will make sure that every part of your project maintains brand uniformity and maximizes your marketing message.

We know how important it is for you to be found online, and we’re experts in local search and SEO. We’ll evaluate your existing website and suggest changes that will help it climb in search engine results. Or, we can redesign your website, or create an effective landing page. What we want is an easily navigable website that drives real results.

In fact, a great website is one of the best forms of lead generation in Florida. Our graphic design services take everything into consideration. This includes icons, images, typography, and illustrations. These are incorporated throughout your website to ensure that people notice you and decide to try your services. Though a new option, audio branding in Florida is also one of our specialties.

If you decide your business can benefit from other services (promotional products, web content and/or blogs, podcasts, videos, social media management, etc.), your project manager will match you with the team member(s) who will create those, as well.

Ready to get started? Let’s schedule that initial call now!

Let’s work together

Every client we partner with will be assigned a project manager to navigate with them from the launchpad to the clouds. Their job is to ensure brand uniformity from the initial consultation to the completed project.

Website development is our bread and butter. Our creators build attractive and easy-to-use websites intended to drive real results. The UI/UX—or user interface/user experience as it’s called—is our primary focus for the end user. Design plays a pivotal role in the UI/UX. Every design is created through small business marketing research, graphic designs, SEO (search engine optimization) and development centered around your business. Your final products will be inspirational and packed with beautifully designed features.

Our design studio is located in beautiful Saint Petersburg, Florida. Like many of our clients, we are also a small business. Our staff is split between in-house and virtual employees. We believe in building strong relationships with other local business owners to provide high-quality services that fit a wide range of budgets.

National brands we’ve worked with

Exceeding Expectations

People Also Asked

What Is Meant by Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing means promoting yourself or your company with the use of social media, the internet, search engines, mobile devices, and any other channels that can help to reach consumers.

What Are the Types of Digital Marketing?

There are various digital marketing options, including:

  • SEO
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Many More
What Is SEO in Digital Marketing?

SEO ensures that the web page is easy to crawl, find, and categorize. Therefore, it’s integral for your digital marketing strategy because it allows organic traffic to come to the site.

What Are the Current Trends in Website Design?

A few of the most current trends for website design include custom illustrations, playful cursors, more white space, bolder fonts, and much more. Let us help you bring some of these to your site.

How Much Does It Cost to Design a Website?

The cost depends primarily on what you need to have done. We are willing to work within your budget to help you, so contact us today!

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