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Taking the Lead in Lead Generation

No matter what industry sector you’re in, your business needs a constant flow of leads to help you maintain a reliable cash flow. Life Improvement Media has a variety of tools for generating leads and filling your schedule.

Lead capture pages on your website allow you to acquire specific information from your visitors. Name, email address, and phone number are common acquisitions, but you can choose other categories that are relevant to your goals. Gender? Age? Location? Product/service interest? Budget? Your website can help you know exactly what your visitors want, and give you a way to reach them.

Data scraping is a fast and effective way to accurately acquire many fields of data and import it into a spreadsheet that you can use in creating a mailing list.

The emails you gather from a data scrape can give you a huge boost in creating a cold emailing list for introducing your company to a host of potential customers. Gathering cell phone numbers can give you the inside track in sending out text messages.

We can also help you learn to capture and analyze your social media interactions so you can evaluate the effectiveness of your posts, from how many generate reactions, to what posts are shared, which result in click-through to your website, and more.

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Lead Generation

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