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Engaging Social Media

One of the easiest ways to interact with your market is with an active social media presence.

It’s also one of the most time-consuming. Many businesses start out strong, enjoying the novelty of posting the day’s specials, sharing industry insights, and responding to followers’ questions or comments. All too soon, though, the regular work of running the business pushes the novelty of social media lower on the priority list.

That’s too bad, because as your “tribe” grows accustomed to your quality social posts, they’ll share those posts with their connections, connections you may not reach in any other way. When you neglect your followers and their contacts, you’re actually losing credibility!

Life Improvement Media is able to step in, create an ongoing stream of relevant, engaging posts, and keep the conversation — and the interest — going. You’ll decide how frequent you want your social posts to be: once a week? Twice a day? You’ll decide which platforms you want to use, too: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram are the most frequently requested. You can choose one, or all, or suggest others that you want to try.

We’ll work with you to design an editorial calendar to guide us in posting the content you want, on the days you want.

We’ll help you see the fun and the value of your social media again!

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