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Marketing a professional practice is no walk in the park. Whether you’re a law office, a financial planner, a business coach, or a video producer, you’re in competition with anywhere from dozens to hundreds of others who have trained and worked in your field. How do you make your practice stand out, and draw in the clients who will become your practice’s life’s blood?

You build your brand with a powerful story, powerful images, powerful presence in your community.

Life Improvement Media has everything you need to develop a comprehensive campaign, from concept to design and implementation.

Today’s consumer is increasingly tech savvy, using the Internet to find every type of professional service, and to read and post reviews. Here’s where our expertise in SEO and brand management comes into play: we have a proven track record for making sure your practice ranks high in search results.

We also excel in the design and placement of Google, Facebook, and Instagra ads that catch seekers’ eyes and quickly convince them to click through to your website or landing page, where conversion is at their fingertips.

That’s where your website needs to go to work. Is it up to the task? Life Improvement Media can evaluate how well your website is working, and suggest ways to improve its performance, if necessary.

If it’s underperforming, we have a team of talented web designers and content writers who can maximize your message.

Stymied by the myriad social media platforms? We can help you become confident players on virtually any platform, even writing and managing your posts, and generating blogs that show your expertise.

One of the most effective ways to claim your place as an expert in your field is through podcasting. We created the Helium Radio Network, a collection of radio stations that stream 24/7. We can produce your Internet radio show or program your existing podcast, and maintain a downloadable archive so your podcast continues to work for you for years to come. Use these links on your website, your social media, your email, even stream them into your offices!

We talked about web design. Life Improvement Media can meet your graphic design needs, as well. Logos, collaterals, promotional products, even printing services are all available through Life Improvement Media. Our relationship with 500+ technology vendors and thousands of sources for promotional products guarantees you great pricing and quality premiums.

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Professional Services

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