Analytics are tricky. In our experience, they are parts of marketing campaigns that are often overlooked or analyzed too soon. A big problem can arise when you let too much time pass before reviewing stats. The same problem arises when you start analyzing stats and numbers too soon. Let’s briefly cover analytics now so you can get the full run-down within our course and see how it can apply to your business.

Website Analytics

The reports you can generate can be extremely detailed. Details allow you and your team to get creative with testing new things. Understanding exactly what referrals are and how they affect your website will help. Knowing where organic traffic and direct traffic comes from will help. Engagements, bounce rates, what devices users are using gives you insight on how to target your marketing approach.

One major component to know and keep telling yourself is the baseline. For our clients, we don’t start looking deeply at changing a campaign or really launching the second phase after we have our baseline. Depending on the client and campaign, two to three months of time and real-world exposure should elapse first. Those 60-90 days allow for a baseline of information to come in that can be analyzed for the next steps of improvement and growth.

Late in our course, we’ll surely be covering more about websites as well as email analytics and social media analytics, both from start to finish.

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