Building a business is exciting and full of potential, especially when first starting out. There are endless sources to explore online for ideas to make your business stand out. An important aspect of making your website stand out from competitors is local SEO. Here at Life Improvement Media in St. Petersburg, FL, and Palmetto, FL we are experts at SEO. We can give you the tools needed to understand and take advantage of optimization for your company through search engines.

Our company has spent over ten years developing and perfecting SEO techniques. We have helped a great number of our clients get to the top of search results based on keyword searches.

What Is Local SEO?

SEO itself stands for search engine optimization. SEO determines where your business shows up on a page of search results. Local SEO refers to optimizing your company based on your specific location through local Google searches. The use of SEO on a local scale makes logical sense. The people who are most likely to become potential customers are those in your geographical area.

With enough research and practice, you can take advantage of trends in SEO. This will help put your business on the front page of search engines. Helping businesses get more traffic using SEO expertise is exactly what our company does. Without using paid SEO it becomes much harder for your business to get extra traffic and attention. Through our experience, we have found that a proper budget and consistency among other strategies can pull the strings in your favor.

How Did Local SEO Come to Be?

To help understand SEO on a local level, it will help to first understand how search engines like Google work. Search engines use a plethora of processes to rank the vast ocean of sites the Internet has today. Called algorithms, these processes search the entire web and check various boxes based on relevance, popularity, and prominence. It’s these three factors that determine where your company’s website will appear on a page of results.

Nowadays Google automatically takes location into consideration when a user searches for goods and services online. We call this part of the algorithm a “proximity factor.” This aspect of search engine optimization has grown substantially over the last few years thanks to the everyday use of smartphones.

Why Does SEO Matter on a Local Level?

The main difference between general SEO and local is where your business will be more visible: globally or locally. The Internet is vast and growing every day. Because of this, you may be tempted to only focus on general SEO to get your company out on the web and seen by as many potential customers as possible. Unfortunately, since there are many competitors also on the web, neglecting SEO locally could mean that your company gets buried.

A better strategy to gain traction for your business may be to first focus locally. If you cater to those nearby your chances of gaining clientele may increase exponentially. Not only will your business’s customer base improve, but your popularity and relevancy on search engines will rise. These in addition to prominence will better your chances of appearing at the top of search results, local and otherwise.

What Is Local Search?

A phrase often used in SEO is “local search.” Local search is using and reaping the benefits of searches based on your specified location. The Internet is such a vast place it’s easy to think of it as one big thing. The reality, however, is that the people who will be most likely to use your business for their needs will be the ones that live closest to your area. As such you want to be optimized especially for locals.

Our experts will help you incorporate the necessary principles of a local search using marketing strategies. You can be sure your business and website will be seen by the most amount of people possible.

How Can I Make the Most Out of SEO on a Local Scale?Local SEO Button on keyboard

There are many ways you can make SEO work for you, both in your geographical area and globally. Things like lead generation and lead capture pages can help your cash flow and help you understand who your visitors are. Data scraping can help you gain information about your visitors and clientele to help you create cold-call lists and increase your company’s foot traffic.

All the suggestions here will guide you naturally into local optimization. Once local potential customers start to pick up your business will gain traction on a global level.

Lead Generation

Another phrase you will hear a lot in the search engine optimization world is “lead generation.” This refers to the idea of attracting potential customers and converting them by using marketing tactics. Lead generation helps local search engine optimization first, then spreads to a global scale. The main goal is to entice potential clientele so they can be counted on as leads that help your business maintain a cash flow and a consistently reliable one at that.

Here at Life Improvement Media, we offer a plethora of helpful tools to help you incorporate lead generation into your business’s website and reap the benefits. Lead generation has a few techniques within it that will further help you keep a reliable, steady cash flow.

Lead Capture Pages

Lead capture pages are pages on your website that have a specific purpose: gathering data from users. Gathering data and noting trends in your site visitors is a great way to help your local search engine optimization. Things like phone numbers, names, and email addresses are among the data you may collect. You also have the ability to customize what data you collect so you can gather data relevant to your business goals.

A great example of using capture pages for your goals is to choose to collect data such as location, age, gender, product interest, and average budget. With these data points, you will have better knowledge of your target audience and client base. This knowledge can help you appeal to a specific clientele.

Data Scraping

The process of data scraping is a great way to get a jump start on creating a local mailing list. Using this tool can help you quickly acquire the data you need, such as email addresses for emails and phone numbers for texts. Using this tool with the help of our experts will allow you the knowledge in data manipulation to swing things your way and lead more visitors to your site.

Data scraping is a great way to help you get to know your visitors and potential customers. This tool will be a great asset to you if you are struggling to create a mailing list for introducing new visitors to your business. With our help and the tools we can provide you, we will help you stand apart from competitors and promote your business efficiently.

Where and How Should I Get Started?

Visiting our website is the best way to get started making the most out of SEO. We use the key points we discussed here in addition to our full range of services to guarantee success.

Our team will help everything from your business’s website itself to the backlinks and search engines around it. We are excited to help your business thrive through local SEO! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Life Improvement Media in St. Petersburg, FL, and Palmetto, FL. Visit our website or give us a call so your business’s website can get the attention it deserves.