Maintain, maintain, maintain. We’ve used the same word six times now. If you’re sighing already, chances are you need to maintain your website. Now, that’s seven. Maybe it’s been a while or you’re putting it off because it’s not in your wheelhouse. No matter what platform your website is built on, websites will never be things where you can just “set it and forget it.”

Website Maintenance

We’re not sure how many times we’ve used this phrase in our blogs, but it will never stop being true. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In the case of websites, save yourself several pounds of cure. The amount of time you’d need to spend to rebuild your website after an incident could prove destructive. Now, you’re losing time and money rebuilding it yourself instead of playing it safe from the start. Don’t pull your hair out all over your keyboard; that’s gross. Your hairs get underneath your keys.

Convenience isn’t always the option. When it comes to auto-updates, you should steer clear. “Wait, why would I do that, Life Improvement Media Group blog writer?” Because auto updates would update in the background—when you’re sleeping and not looking at your website. Changes in coding could wreak havoc on your design, user interface and the experience altogether. Not good for business!

The solution is to manually update with a few clicks yourself. Be sure to perform regular backups. Keep in mind you can’t roll back a template. Understanding the trouble with that is simple. You can revert back to the current status of your website via a revision. You can also perform a backup. If you perform an update, there is no undo button. The only option is to restore a backup. And if you have no backup, you are in trouble. That’s why it’s essential to perform regular backups. Even if you take a few minutes every week to check for and update plug-ins and templates, it’ll be worth it in the long-run.

How Blogs Can Help You

Yes, blogs can help your website. Blogs can help in terms of organic growth and ranking. Consistent blogs will push you up on Google. Yes, you know that already. You’ve read our many other marketing blogs found on the radio station and the one-man brand“How are blogs related to website maintenance?” Because blogs help you become found, you have a “place” on search engines. Think of it this way: that “place” is being moved around due to other people’s SEO efforts and other keyword tricks. By continually blogging, you’re holding ground with your place and not falling down on them farther. Therefore, blogs are indeed part of website maintenance—more so for reputation.

4+ Maintenance Plans For You

Now that we’ve educated you on the basics of website maintenance and upkeep, let’s wrap up. It boils down to two things. Is it easier for you to maintain your own website? Is it worth your time as well? Make sure you keep manual settings and check your website’s front end for the visual side. Perhaps, you’d prefer to outsource your web maintenance to professionals?

If you outsource, what type of package do you need? Do you want blogs written for you so you outrank your competitors? Do you want to put yourself in the STRATOSPHERE with all the bells and whistles? All those added perks come from analytics, reporting, supporting, and an entire social media package included called PROPEL.

With your monthly maintenance, you can go custom, of course. We call that going into ORBIT. Whatever your maintenance needs are, we can accommodate.

Websites are like operating systems now. They need to be updated, maintained and backed up. It’s essential for your business to run smoothly. Don’t miss a lead or sale because you were in maintenance mode or worse, you had to rebuild your website. Since we’re all head honchos here, we can work together to provide you the best quote. Drop us a line to learn more.

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