Facebook is still one of the biggest social media platforms today. Some pundits will tell you that it’s starting to wane in popularity, but it’s absolutely not. Now, you may be tempted to join and start posting self-serving links on your profile, but guess what? That’s not going to work. How do you leverage the right audience within this media giant? You will need to use Facebook Ads. There are a lot of smart reasons why you should be using their ads, and the following breakdown will help you see why it matters so much today.

The Hours Spent Here Is Compelling

The biggest thing you need to have online in order to succeed is simple: attention. You need to get people’s attention. When you work with Facebook, you’re going to harness an audience that is keen on giving their attention to the site. The average Facebook user spends on average, 45 minutes a day. This figure may not sound like much, but consider every minute of every single day, more than 4 million people correspond with posts, updates, likes, and buy things through this platform.

The Billions

What’s the biggest fast food company in the world? McDonalds. They claim that billions have been served, and Facebook does the same thing. There are nearly 2 billion users, meaning you’ll have an open-ended platform to get attention online. If you were to harness just 1% of this population, you’ll have millions of people visiting your site. If you had only 0.1% engagement, you’d see more traffic than you’d know what to do with. By using Facebook Ads, you get priority marketing within these pages.

No One Responds To Free Elements of Facebook

Some marketers have scoffed at the notion of paying for Facebook Ads. However, when it comes to Facebook, the free options don’t work. The engagement within organic reach in Facebook will mystify you and cause you great alarm. There is no comparison and if you are skeptical, pay for ads once, and see how many hits you get versus going with organic searches.

The Viral Element Is Engraved In Facebook Ads

The best way to go viral is to have a well-known social media user promote your links. How? Facebook Ads. All you need to do is pay for advertising within Facebook, and watch one major player within this site share your link. That little push can snowball into an avalanche of hits. This happens all the time and it starts with a small advertising budget. Engagement becomes a monster from that little push, which is why Facebook Ads matter so much.

Target Everything and Anyone (Insane Targeting)

Targeting is one of the key elements to have in your marketing strategy. Let’s use skateboarders as an example. They get marketed to constantly, but the companies that market to them don’t utilize traditional means. They focus on demographics like ages 18 to 24 and focus on pushing elements that speak to that generation. Companies that make money in this arena know their audience well. Facebook knows everything about people because, for one, they willingly give away their information. Information leads to targeting which is stronger than most other tools available to you. Do you want to advertise to stay at home moms that live in Visalia, California and like Nickelback? You can do it with Facebook Ads. Their targeting can be as basic or as narrow as you desire.

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