Through a thorough initial consultation handled either in person or over video chat, we will understand your brand and the manpower fueling it. More often than not, the simple discussion of your brand will bring forth new ideas through mutual brainstorming. This is an interesting element which every project coordinator has encountered multiple times before. Once we know the specifics of your target demographic, your scalability, any niches you wish to market to, for example, we can move forward to investigate the market itself. It’s crucial we understand your current positioning relative to your market and the tactics and processes of your competitors. Our team uses proprietary software, which provides insight on those exact elements.



The time to meet, greet and brainstorm and brighten light bulbs.



One critical element we capture and convey in development to your audience.



Understanding your niches, demographics and scalability from day one.



More than a pin on a map, it’s your market position.