There are a lot of reasons why you should be working with social media. But which options should you be focusing your time on? As you look into the plethora of options, you’ll want to consider Snapchat. The yellow ghost icon is a powerful tool growing exponentially in popularity that will help you gain the upper hand. Consider the following reasons that could very well get your business a powerful push forward and fast.

What Is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a social media platform unlike any other. Like hundreds of social media apps, Snapchat also allows you to create and distribute video, pictures, and audio. The caveat is that it exchanges disappearing content between users. These elements will only be visible once, and once viewed, the content is gone. You can send timed messages to friends, family, and of course business followers that can only be seen once. This is a powerful tool as indicated by the 150 million daily users!

Consumers Are Jumping All Over It

Why does this matter? Why not use Twitter or Facebook? Well, here’s the thing, the growth ratio that is continuing to move Snapchat forward is higher than all other platforms right now. Not only that, the ratio of people who watch and open their Snapchat messages is nearly 95%. This is not a joke. Imagine sending out a message and 1,000 of your followers don’t miss out. In fact, imagine if 950 of them see it immediately and engage with you.

Why would they engage?

Because the message will disappear! That creates an urgency in what you’re doing and even selling, which is not found anywhere else. You can try to do this with email, or other solutions, but you will not get much momentum. Consider that emails are only opened about 5% of the time, and the return on investment in marketing through email is even less than that. When you run the numbers, you’ll see that Snapchat is far more advantageous.

How To Start Working On Snapchat Marketing

This marketing option relies heavily on how you build your story. When you update your message, you will need to have a long form story in mind. If you look at how analysts consider this, you’ll find that the average story can take upwards of 7 videos across 24 hours to tell a strong consumable story. These are short blips of video and audio with images added in as well.

Your goal as a marketer for business is to create stories that pull back the curtain of your business. What do you do behind the scenes? Consider giving people a look at what you do well, how your business runs, and explore giving people a little bit more information than most other companies. By allowing them to feel as though they are a part of what you’re doing, you will gain a huge follower base. Today, more than ever, people respond positively to marketing that makes them feel as though they are part of the business.

Building Your Followers (Audience)

If you want to build an audience, you will need to do more than just offer coupons and traditional marketing elements. Market this with other social networks, updating your site, and creating content that points people to it. Within the stories that you tell, offer discounts, and other elements, but don’t create content that is always self-serving. The majority of your content should be about your business, what you’re doing, how you’re helping others, what goes into the product and services that you sell, and much more. Do not just promote your discounts, sales, and other elements. You want to create a compelling narrative that lets people feel as though they are looking into something special.
Create unique moments in time. If you are stumped, follow big companies and see what they show you. If you do this, you will be surprised by what you see and how you can emulate what works.

Snapchat Is More Personal Than Ever

Snapchat creates personality, and ushers in an audience that would otherwise not get to see the inner workings of business or your personal brand. If you want to make an impact in your business, make sure that you tell your story, and include others. Snapchat helps you creatively market and build a huge audience that will respond to what you’re doing. The key is: don’t make it about business, make it personal. Balance this correctly and you’ll see a huge return on your investment.

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