Almost all landing pages are the first step visitors reach regarding an offer. It’s designed to spark their interest and with a pop-up window, will ask for their email address and other basic information. This is then used to convert them into a prospect and eventually a closed sale. Marketers who know their craft, build new separate landing pages for each campaign and offer they run.

Over the past 7 years, we’ve learned quite a lot within digital marketing, working with clients and accounts of all sizes. We want to share some tips with you because we’ve noticed there is a small need for education and clarification. Apply these tips and tricks to stay ahead of the curve with your prospective audience!

Less Is More

Usually, there’s a trust factor that needs to be established and quickly between you and your audience. The simpler and easier your landing page is to use and navigate, the more likely you are to capture their information and begin the conversion process. Keep your landing page short and sweet as a whole.

Separate, But Equal

Don’t make things complicated. Keep It Simple, Stupid–K.I.S.S. There’s nothing wrong with creating multiple offers to a variety of lists and subscribers. Keep them all separate. Use one landing page per each campaign. Do not include multiple offers on one landing page.

Continuity Converts

Again, trust is vital to closing your sales. You need more than just trust in your landing page to increase the UI/UX for your subscribers. There are things to consider for the opt-in piece, which is referred to as the follow-up series. A consistency within your messaging or email will keep your subscribers’ attention.

If the messaging differs in tone and feel from your landing page, you open up yourself to be vulnerable. There’s a chance people could lose trust in your offer, which seriously hurts your chances of converting them.

Utilize Video

More marketers realize the power behind using video to achieve marketing goals. Think about you as the end user here. You’re presented with a video about a service or a product. Are you more likely to stay and learn what the content is in a video where you are only required to listen? Or would you prefer to si through blocks of graphics and text to find the answer? Videos give prospects the answers they want and quickly.

Limit The Number Of Your Links

Think about the end user when it comes to adding links to your landing pages. You want to attract their attention from the start and keep them on your page. Links to outside content or exit routes pull their attention o your content and place it elsewhere. It opens you up again to be vulnerable and losing them entirely. Limit the number of links you post. It’s better to have zero links unless it’s tied to your campaign.

Get To The Right Audience

If you have research on various demographics going into the landing page creation stage, you have an advantage. One important piece to know going into this next stage is create multiple landing pages with targeted messaging for each demographic. This is very similar to the K.I.S.S. methodology of keeping offers separate as we mentioned above. Your message should run parallel to the demographic in each campaign…

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