Marketing your business is no easy feat. You need to tackle SEO, local SEO, build a customer base, and more. Using marketing services can help you with this difficult feat.

If your marketing strategy hasn’t been working, then it’s time to consider marketing services, so pay attention to the signs along your journey. That way you can be sure you nail local SEO and all other SEO every time and keep those customers pouring in.

8 Signs You Need to Consider Using Marketing Services

1. Your Efforts Stop Working

Trends change. Algorithms shift. Local SEO gets flooded with fresh businesses. People stop digging for the information attached to the keywords and hashtags you use so often. Eventually, you need to relearn your marketing techniques because everyone’s on some new platform or using different strategies, and you can’t seem to keep up. You can’t continue using the old ways and expect people to find you relevant, nor can you “wing it” based on what you see other people doing.

Unfortunately, you don’t have time to dive in and go in-depth on the new marketing strategies people are using. You’re too busy creating content or running your business, or dealing with SEO. That’s why you need to hire a marketing expert or a company that can take on the workload for you.

2. You Don’t Have Time

So you own a business, and you have a trickle of customers from your minimal efforts, but then you Googled “how to grow your business on Twitter” and were taken aback. You don’t have time to create graphics and visual content. There’s no way you can dedicate time to posting on social media, interacting with your customers, and engaging with brands you’d like to collaborate with in the future.

You don’t have time to do this on your own, so you need to take a step back and find someone whose job it is to do this for you. Stop splitting your attention and put your efforts into what you enjoy the most, or what you’re the best at. Maybe you’re a better writer than you are a marketer, so make that content and then hand it over to a company that can market it for you. They’ll spread it around social media, create visual content to go with it and ensure your efforts are the best that they can be.

3. You Don’t Have Enough Skills

When you’re a business owner, you need to be able to do everything. You need to write, edit, design graphics, record and edit and produce videos. You also need to have a killer website, approachable and consistent. Worst of all, you need to know all about SEO and find a way to view all the data, the trends, your ranking … and then you need to market everything.

You’re not a superhero, although you’re clearly very talented to get this far. You need to outsource the skills you don’t possess, though, and this may mean hiring a few freelance writers and graphic designers as well as finding a marketing expert. Or, you could avoid all the freelancer trouble and hire a company that can do all of that and more. You build your marketing strategy, improve your content, and find the methods that work for your business within your niche.

4. You Don’t Know What’s Going On

You know you have a few regular customers, but you don’t know how you got them. Is it by word of mouth? Social media? Your SEO ranking? You need to know what’s getting the most business so you can double down on it and improve the rest of your efforts to match your most successful avenue. Oftentimes there’s no time for you to do this, so a company with the right tools, time, and dedication can do this for you.

There are tons of software and experts out there, but you can’t use or hire them all. That’s why it’s better to go with a company that already has methods they know work. This way you get results, you know exactly what’s going on, you know what to change, and you know what to keep going with. Not only does this keep you in the loop, but it adds efficiency to the whole ordeal.

5. Your Budget Isn’t Great

Marketing can cost small companies thousands, and larger ones can spend millions every year on marketing alone. This can be for a number of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Having an in-house marketing team
  • Making too many mistakes and changing strategies too often
  • Hiring too many freelancers for smaller tasks

Hiring a service that explicitly works on marketing is far more cost-effective. The people working within that company already know what works so they stay up to date. Thanks to that, there’s time and money saved that you might have previously spent on experimental campaigns. Not only that, but everyone is within the one service so you don’t have to pay different freelancers varying rates. Best of all, the service is outside of your business, so you don’t need to pay for their perks and benefits: only their time and skills.

6. Your Leads Vanished

Let’s say you have a campaign, or a landing page, or something that’s been working for a while. It built you up a nice customer base that keeps coming back, but it’s not growing. Your profits stay the same, and you know that sooner or later your customer base will want something new and leave you. Why are there no new leads coming in?

Your previous campaign clearly worked, but now it’s outdated. You need something new and fresh to add to your customer base, replace the ones that leave you, and ensure you have a steady stream of fresh meat availing of your products or services. A marketing company knows exactly how to get and keep those new customers, and keep some lively fresh blood pouring into your business.

7. Your Competitors Are Winning

While there’s enough room in the world for everyone, you can’t let your competitors dominate. Don’t let them take over the top spot on Google or become the most sought-after service in your local area. Clearly, they’re doing something right because they’re growing, so that’s what you need to do too.

A marketing company can help you figure out what the competition is up to. Then you can switch things up and catch up to those competitors, and hopefully surpass them or at least stay on their level.

8. Your Website Is Messy

Maybe your website isn’t all that professional, or it could be outdated. Did you forget to list your new service, update the year in the footer, or are all your articles toting around “2020” in the title when it’s 2021, 2022, or beyond? You need to get this updated, pronto. Outdated content doesn’t rank, and an outdated website doesn’t make customers feel the most secure. If they see something that looks old or out of place they may think you don’t care enough to stay fresh and relevant. How can they trust your business?

A marketing company can update the website, fix what’s broken, clean the messes, and get you ranking and appealing to customers again. Never doubt the power of a pristine webpage!

If you’re considering using marketing services, why not let that service provider be us? Contact Life Improvement Media and we’ll give you a free digital marketing snapshot report for your business. Keep in contact and we’ll be able to help you build your business all over again, getting you the customer base you deserve. We’ll get you traffic for SEO and local SEO keywords, and more.