A lot of businesses can benefit greatly from doing their research and homework first. Then applying it and investing in their businesses. We’ve seen the opposite as a result of impatience, budget constraints, eagerness to succeed and other headlines floating around the internet. When it comes to any type of marketing and advertising, it’s critical to understand the big picture. The big picture is comprised of the marketing campaign–the entire process of the business growth strategy steps, one leading to the next. Marketing channels are the tools of the campaign.

Marketing Campaigns

A campaign isn’t tangible. Think of it as an imaginary puzzle that you build at your leisure, or with the help of a team of experienced professionals. Your marketing campaign should be detailed, time-bound, and able to be measured and tracked. More importantly, it should be flexible and able to be expanded or contracted.

Marketing Channels

Unlike a marketing campaign, marketing channels are tangible. Tasks, tools and skills can make up your marketing channels–the way in which you and your team market the business. One marketing channel would be face-to-face exposure. Think of networking groups, speaking engagements. If you’re extremely serious about your business, maybe even speed dating. Any opportunity to expose you and your business can be a channel.

On the digital landscape, any social platform or website can be considered a marketing channel.

We will cover marketing campaigns and marketing channels in more detail during our upcoming course. Stay tuned!

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