Welcome back to the Brand Hacking Blog Series! This marks the 1st blog in our series as we educate our students via the Brand Hacking Project. The project itself is built around 5 modules, not including a welcome and final assignment. Each month, we’ll blog about the major topics covered in the course. For now, we’re starting with discussing your business goals and putting a plan into action!

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The Most Important Thing

The most important thing in business is having goals and setting goals. By goals, we don’t mean generic goals. “I want to be successful”, “I want more money”, “I want to be famous”, and “I just want more clients” are NOT goals! They are empty dreams. Without putting parameters on your goals, it’s best not to start until you have done so. Too many times, we’ve heard those empty goals come out of people’s mouths. Hearing “I want more business” is far from a business strategy and that’s why we’re here.

The Brand Hacking Project was created for many reasons and this was one of them. We needed a way to educate business owners and people just starting in business on the number one flaw. Placing parameters on goals will turn them into SMART goals. We’ve all heard of S.M.A.R.T. goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-oriented, and Time-bound.

More Than Goals

More than goal setting is the overarching business plan itself. Some business owners have enormous goals and dreams and the business they’re in is just a stepping stone before creating future businesses. Others want to maintain and grow their one business to a large size. Either way, businesses don’t grow without a solid foundation called a business plan.

For a lot of people, working forward is harder than working backward. This is where goals play a pivotal role. Let’s say the very last end goal is your north star. Make it a point to back track the milestones you need to achieve in order to make your final goal a reality.

Slow Is Smooth

My algebra teacher told our class something in 9th grade that I’ll never forget. “How do you eat an elephant?” He asked. Being naive and new to high school, we all shrugged out of confusion. “One bite at a time,” he answered. Now, every time it comes up, I laugh because I know the answer and the person being asked has no idea.

Small bites or small steps, rather, will allow you to make progress. Something many people may not realize is that slow progress is still progress. Take the time to nurture your business plan and business goals.

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In just 7 SHORT WEEKS, you will build a solid brand and marketing strategy to catapult your business revenue. Gain knowledge on logo design, media strategy, and marketing channels. Learn how to better stretch your marketing dollars. Apply the tools to measure your success! Each module is designed to provide basic to intermediate knowledge of branding and marketing essentials. Use the knowledge you’ve gained to complete the weekly assignments.

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