Welcome back to the Brand Hacking Blog Series! This marks the 5th blog in our series as we educate our students via the Brand Hacking Project. The project itself is built around 5 modules, not including a welcome and final assignment. Each month, we’ll blog about the major topics covered in the course. In this blog, we’ll discuss traditional marketing and why it still has value in today’s market.

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Go Where Their Eyes Go

Even though we’re entering a mobile-only world, there are still places to advertise outside of the mobile phone. A lot of people are constantly on their phones. Naturally, there’s a desire to create Instagram ads or Facebook ads. That’s where the attention is most spent. With the swarm of social media advertisements, there is less competition in places of yesteryear that are still on the playing field.

Traditional marketing comes in the form of print advertisements, newspaper advertisements, radio, television, billboards, business cards, flyers, etc. Let’s start small and work our way up from business cards. Of course, everyone in the professional world still uses business cards. Having a piece of traditional marketing such as a business card is a great way to stand out. Not everyone you meet will remember your name, your business or your contact information. Saving a new contact in your phone is an easy way to get lost. Sometimes hard copy paper is necessary!

Nurturing > Marketing

Nurturing is more important than marketing, but not by very much. Handing your customers something unique like a piece of print is a plus. However, be realistic. Don’t rely on that working 100% of the time. It’s merely a stepping stone. You still need to take action and follow up. Nurture your new relationship. Traditional marketing is a way to get the ball rolling. The same can be said for billboards.

Let’s say you’re a local company reaching out to a wide audience. As a HVAC company, you want to showcase your ad to drivers on the road. That’s a lead into your relationship. If they call you off your billboard, you could have your staff ask how they found you. From there, it’s all about the nurturing. Traditional marketing can be high above the asphalt or can come through your car’s speakers.

Mobile Is The New Television | Television Is The New Radio

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s a matter of history working its magic. Radio was all the rage in the 50’s until the television took over. Now, television was all the rage until mobile and streaming services came to light in the 2010’s. The ads that used to be on radio were then played on television. The ads on television are now played on mobile screens and streaming. That doesn’t mean radio and television are obsolete. What that means is that ads on those platforms can still be useful, as long as they are geared towards the right audience. Different generations are used to different platforms to receive their information and media. Everything not posted on a mobile phone is not lost!

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