Some companies are wary of allocating money toward digital advertising because they assume cost is steep. The good news, the pay-per-click nature (PPC) of online advertising means that you only pay when a consumer clicks on your ad. In other words, ads that do not yield any clicks will not cost you a cent.

Sounds pretty great, right? And there are even more benefits to digital advertising!

It Attracts High-Quality Leads

Since you can segment digital advertising according to different audiences within your overall audience, you do not have to rely on luck to obtain high-quality leads from your efforts. Rather than casting a wide net and hoping for the best, PPC ads attract the traffic most likely to convert into leads for your business.

50 targeted visitors to your website offer significantly more ROI than 500 non targeted visitors. This is because the former are much more likely to convert. Plus, even if they do not purchase the first time around, there is a great deal of promise for engagement among these visitors.

Google Favors Ads

While the search engine giant used to exclusively favor organic search results, in recent years, Google has been making changes to its layout that place online ads at the very top of search results. These adjustments range from making the “Ad” tag alongside listings less obvious and dedicating the first five to seven listings on each page to ads.

It is all part of Google’s larger plan to generate more revenue for itself. And this shift means that, in some cases, organic listings are losing their power to drive traffic. They are certainly not obsolete, but digital advertising is becoming a critical part of the overall marketing strategy for brands.

Your Audience Is on Social Media

The other type of digital ads appear on social media feeds. With people spending a tremendous amount of time on various social media channels, social ads have become a viable source of traffic and qualified leads. In fact:

27% of internet users say they find new products and brands through paid social ads.
321 million new people joined social media in 2019 – increasing the total number of social media users from 3.48 billion to 3.8 billion in 2020.

When a consumer interacts with your brand in some way, your ads will begin populating their social media feeds. Sometimes they will also appear on the pages of other websites they visit. In this way, social ads give consumers an immersive experience – based on their own actions – that keeps your products or services top of mind.

The payoff of leveraging digital advertising is undeniable when you look at it from the perspective of the ROI it delivers. With this fact in mind, it is worth seriously considering at the very least.

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