Streaming video enables brands to step out from behind the curtain and connect one human to another. End users then partake in sharing company stories that attract new customers and provide a unique overall experience. Any one and any company and tap a button and go live with the world. What are brands doing to get in front of their audience and client base? Below are some great examples!

“Experian uses live video for chatting about credit, debt, student loans, and ways to manage and improve your scores, using the hashtag #creditchat.”

Nissan debuted the 2016 Maxima in New York over live stream. Frito Lay’s Doritos tapped the LIVE button to launch their latest product. GM was first to live streaming a vehicle rollout with the Chevy Volt for the Consumer Electronics Show.

Nestle jumped on the bandwagon using Periscope at its early stages for cross promotion and provided them ideas for content creation using tweets.

These live events have given the world an eye into keynote speeches, product rollouts, demonstrations, conferences, tours and more they wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

GE used drones with live video on Periscope to show tours of their facilities as a part of #DroneWeek. Taco Bell used live video to illustrate a comical, mock press release. But, that’s not all. Red Bull and Mountain Dew have also used this type of content for their individual events. U2 and Spotify have live streamed performances and concerts.

Here’s how YOU can follow suit for LIVE video and be successful with your broadcasts! Streaming is best as raw content. No one and nothing is perfect. Your brand is not perfect and genuine customers know this. There is value in real human communication. There will always be a market for professional brand videos. People are curious by nature; they don’t want to wait until your editors have gotten their hands on a Q&A video and only diminished its true form.

Investing in humans and their ideas overrules technology. The more clients you have, the more people you have sharing your products and your stories to those who don’t yet know. Invest in humans – they are your biggest and most delicate asset in business.

Take note that there’s no room for ego when you show your true self. Customers don’t expect you to win at business single-handedly. They understand collaboration and cooperation. Don’t be afraid to pitch a collaboration idea to another company in the same space or even a healthy competitor for a possible win-win scenario. You can’t do it alone so invite others. More hands on deck means the greater your reach is and the more networks you will acquire. It’s simple math.

Hopefully, these few key points have brought the idea of LIVE video marketing to you in an intriguing way. Not everyone will live stream. Some businesses won’t need to or shouldn’t, but you can still enjoy it as a customer. As a business, reverse engineer what message you’re trying to achieve with your marketing. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask yourself if LIVE video is right for that content. Will it deliver the right message to the right audience in the right context? Tap the button to find out!

Thank you for your attention!

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