After you’ve selected your creative direction, we officially launch the project, Helium and all. Depending on the project, we allow a certain amount of time to pass before evaluation the project. Usually, 30 to 90 days elapse, during which time we prepare reports on client usage alongside SEO reporting and analytics. A/B testing–experimenting with the best practices for user interaction and experience–plays a role as well. During this phase, we discuss the various ongoing monthly maintenance options and what we call a “re-analysis” of the project. We examine if what we built for you works to the best of its ability. If by chance, it does not, our team reconvenes to determine how to improve upon its current state. Lastly, it is during this final fourth stage where we use the same software to run a secondary report and compare you to your competition.


A soft launch wherein the end users become more acclimated to … you!


The 30 to 90 days that elapse which we consider a beta-testing phase.


We ask ourselves: “Have we achieved maximum altitude for your project?”


Comparing and contrasting your business now vs. the competition.