People today don’t really understand the bigger picture of branding. Personal branding is huge, and if you pull things together correctly, you will see a huge influx of interest in whatever it is you’re doing. Here’s the thing, it’s easy to make mistakes when trying to work with branding today. There’s so many misconceptions that sound like they are simple enough, but they can ramp up in their difficulty fast.

Individuals today are often compared to small businesses, or corporations. Even if you work for someone else, you can create personal branding that will elevate you above others, and get you more promotions, money, and save you from firing when the time comes. There are several elements of personal branding that you need to work with today, if you’re going to stand out. The following will help you avoid mistakes in this regards.

Logo Design

The first thing that you should consider is logo design. Your logo has to be bold, strong, and yet it has to send a message about what you do, who you are, and how it separates you from the rest. Think iconic design when you look at logos. Look at the top corporations in every niche and you will see examples of great design. Emulation is the best thing here, so take the concepts there and build on them for your own needs.

Mantras or Slogans

“Just Do It”. Do you recognize that? That is one of the biggest slogans or mantras in the world. This is a simple 3 word pairing that transcends all other corporate entities and sales elements in the world. When you hear this, when you read it, you know that it’s Nike. The same can go for your personal brand. What are 3 words, or 2 words that explain what you are all about?

Personality Elements

What do people say about you? Are you happy? Are you well dressed? Do you have a positive outlook? What “vibe” do people get from you? Ask your friends, family, and others that you may run into. Ask “what vibe do you get from me”? That will speak volumes as to what you need to change and what you want to present yourself as moving forward.

Networking and Building Relationships

Have you ever seen two businesses collaborate? This happens a lot. Collaborations are known as networking, and did you know that you can do this all the time? Seek out others to guest blog, or to guest curate, or perhaps design a pitch that you can give another business to help them with their work and in exchange promote your business. If you can offer someone something special, they will work with you, not just hire you. There’s a difference.

Personal Branding Online

Have you ever gone to Google and searched your full name? Think about that for a moment. Go to any search engines and look up your page. With that in mind, look at what is said, look at the pages, and see where you are found. Make sure that you set up your own personal page, with information that is positive, compelling, and is not going to make you look bad.

Social Media Connections

You should have an account with all major social networks. This is for two reasons.

You don’t want anyone taking your name. That’s right, you want to be in control of your own business branding, your personal brand, and any names connected to you. Even if you have to build additional email accounts, don’t let this slip you by.

The second reason is to connect with others. You should make sure that you have accounts that are connected with others in your industry. This will help you find a job, get a reference, and keep up with the industry that you’re in. Upload good photographs, create content, link to interesting articles, and be yourself on these pages. Avoid fights, and just be jovial, you’ll see that this is going to help you gain serious momentum in nearly anything you want to work within.

Work On Your Brand

At the end of the day, make sure that you work on your branding. The above elements all work towards creating a good picture of you online. You never know who will search for your name, and what they will find. Anyone today can build their own brand. Whether you’re a business owner and you want to get a lot of traffic, or you want to be known at work or nearly anywhere, these elements will help you gain the upper hand.

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