If you’re going to publish a website in 2017, you need to make sure that you have the right elements in place. You can’t go with just what looks good, and you can’t just hope that people find you. In order to get anywhere, you need to have several different elements in place. What options are best? Well, the following breakdown of option swill help you get better SERP rankings outright. Over time, the SEO push that you will have will get better, but these elements are going to help you climb the ranks within a short span of time, and at least meet the standards that are meant for 2017 and beyond.

Basic Elements Behind The Scenes

The first thing that you need to work on is the back end of your page. Don’t worry, you don’t have to write a lot of code, but rather look at some simple elements that you are going to have standard. Whether you use a template, hire someone, or install a content management system, you will be able to work on these elements.

The first major element is to work with “robots.txt.” You will need to locate this in your folders, or create one outright. You need to disallow certain aspects of your page, and allow others to be swept into the SERP elements.

Consider the headers of your HTML and see whether or not you have a lot of keywords stuffed in there, whether they have information about your website, and if your title tags are correct. If you remember nothing else from this page, remember not to leave your title tags as UNTITLED DOCUMENT. This will prove to be the biggest blunder that you have in your site.

Make sure that your 404 pages are customized. You can do this with your web hosting account, or you can add a customized 404 page via a template that you find online.

Fast Loading (Front Page and Beyond)

Every page on your website has to load fast. That being said, don’t overload your page with a lot of videos, i-frames, or images. You should optimize everything you upload with speed in mind. That includes any databases that you are connecting. If you’re not doing the “heavy lifting” of HTML and coding on your site, then at least make sure that you don’t put up too many posts for the front page of your site. Furthermore, clip your posts to only show about 250 – 300 words per post, leaving longer posts for people to click on and continue reading. Your pages should load fast, regardless of connection speed, or whether or not an individual is looking at your site via a template or a regular computer.

Excellent Content  "essential website elements"

Content is still king, and 2017 is going to continue to exemplify this notion. With that in mind, make sure that you create compelling content, or pay someone to create it for you. Do not just publish anything that comes to your mind, create a schedule and focus on content that makes you look like a professional in any niche you’re in. Aside from that, make sure that you comment on any questions your users may ask via comments sections. Break up your publishing, and do not just load in 1,000 words without breaks.

Do Not Flood Your Page With Ads

Whether you’re marketing your own products or you are trying to make money with monetary ad placements, don’t overdo it. Above the fold, you should only have essential information. That includes navigation, your first couple of titled posts, and one ad box or two. Nothing more. If someone lands on your page and they are hit with only advertising, your page will load slowly, and it will not help you gain momentum in your niche. Your bounce rate is going to jump to all new levels if you have too much ad space being utilized above the fold, simple as that.

Check Every Link, Every Time

The biggest threat to your successful website launch is found in links. If you have links anywhere eon your page, you have to make sure that they work. This includes links to images, content, advertising, eCommerce elements, and affiliate links. No matter where someone clicks on your site, if it is a link, it has to go somewhere. Broken links will sink your site fast, and it will not be a good thing, simple as that.

When you launch a website today, the above elements should be taken into consideration. Leave these things out, and you could end up losing out on the bigger picture of traffic, and influence.

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