Even though there are a lot of people that will tell you that blogging is dead, it’s more important than ever. There’s a lot of important reasons why you should be working with this solution. If you haven’t invested into this, then you need to know why it matters more today than ever before. Blogs can be a powerful driving factor for your business. Beyond the motivating factors that you may see overall, the following will showcase why it matters today, even while many are saying it’s dying.

Educating Your Audience

The first major reason why blogs matter is because it educates audiences. Not everyone that you’re going to want to market to is an expert in what you’re doing. You have to cater to experienced individuals but you will also want to educate newcomers. When the audience you are attracting learns more about what you’re doing, and why it is important, you will get a bigger return on investment. Not only that, you’ll create authority. The authority that you create will help you establish yourself within nearly any niche, and push you into a whole new progression of marketing.

Connecting With Others

If you want to give the impression that your business or service has a human element to it, then blogging is going to help you. Blogs help corporations and businesses of any size, connect with people on a personal level. When you showcase that you’re not some soulless company that never interacts with others, you will create the element of humanity needed to engage a larger following. Today, more than ever, you need to connect with people on a different level than just business. Blogging serves that element, and gives you a helping hand with marketing.

Blogs Are Ranked Fast (SEO)

No matter what content management system you use, you’ll find that your rankings will rise. SERP movement and blogging have been connected. The reason why there are connections made with SEO and blogging is because many pages utilize WordPress. Alone, this software is ranked higher than doing the PHP and HTML yourself. The coding is up to date, constantly updated, and you can add additional plugins and extensions to ping search engines and ensure that you’re not lost in the shuffle. If you want to make serious moves online, SEO matters. But beyond doing raw coding, content management systems like WordPress can do it for you. Blogging and SEO are directly intertwined, and often, in an automated fashion.

Traffic Jumps Through Content

Long form content is important. In fact, you may have heard that content is king. This adage is true, and the reason why is because it helps traffic. Traffic generation through blogging is immense, and you’ll find that it can lead to traffic generation. This is because of SEO, but it is also because content weighs heavily through link exchanges, promotion, and more. Amidst all of the ways you can build interest online, content in the form of blog posts is a tremendous solution to work with. It works more often than other forms of media interaction.

Blogging Builds Traffic With Age

A post that you write today, may not fully mature in terms of SERP until 6 months down the line. Then in 12 months, you will see a huge jump again. Start working on promoting elements for the next year in December, and you will see a huge jump in March for keyword placements related to that post. Long time bloggers and marketers can leverage traffic down the line by just publishing on a daily basis. You can generate new leads, conversions, and so much more by just publishing updates. There are few bloggers that write on a daily basis that will disagree with the notion that their site gets better with age.

Create Different Angles On Popular Topics

Within your niche, you are going to have a lot of opinions on different topics. But what others don’t have, is your expertise. When you create blogs that speak to the nature of your expertise, you’ll be able to offer people information that they are not going to get anywhere else. You may write on something that others have already talked about, and you can share similar ideas, but there comes a tipping point where you put in your own expertise from years of working within a specific industry. Looking at the same thing from different angles can help your authority online.

At the end of the day, the above highlights the importance of blogging overall. Test out a log for a few months, and watch the big push you receive from publishing content in this manner.

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