There are a lot of pundits that will tell you print is dead. They refer to media most often, but they will also scoff at the notion of print collateral for your business. If you’re starting a business or perhaps growing an existing option, you have to move away from what pundits are saying. Print is not dead. Some aspects may have diminished, but there are some that are still relevant, and perhaps will make you stand out because others will not utilize them correctly.
What aspects of print should you be using for your business? The following will instruct you on how to use print to help you not only engage the community, but to show that you’re a serious business, and not someone that is pushing a hobby or side project.

People Respond To Visualizations

Graphic design can convey a message. People respond to messages when they are confronted with them. Color speaks volumes, for example. There’s a reason why every fast food restaurant’s interior has red in it. Font, slogans, logos, and much more speak volumes to people when they see them. Put up a Nike shoe versus a generic model and you’ll notice that people will gravitate towards the name brand. Why is that? Often, it’s a visual cue that gives them information about the quality, price, and reviews of the product. People respond viscerally to visualizations, graphics, design, and information that is found with what they can see, touch, smell, and use. That doesn’t work with digital elements, unless you’re a big corporation and have a built-in fan base of millions.

The Business Card

The biggest debate you’ll find amidst small business is whether or not business cards still work. The short answer is simple, yes. You will find that business cards are absolutely important to communicating your business as a serious project, and not something you moonlight with. A card can send a complete message, or it can simply have contact information. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here. Have your name, logo, and contact information. Answer a simple question about what you do and how you can get contacted, it’s that simple.

The Standard Flyer

Take a sheet of paper that is 8.5 inches x 11 inches. That can create 4 standard flyers. These work marvels when you’re trying to network, for eCommerce sales, and much more. The reason why this works is because people respond to simple forms of advertising. You don’t have to be in the night club business to realize that flyers make an impact, even if people throw a great deal of them away. Even though many will throw these away, others will respond to a well-crafted call to action.

Brochures For Information

Every major industry should have brochures that explain what they do, how they do it, and why it matters. Go to a medical office, and wait in the lobby. What do you see? You will see magazines for those that are waiting, but you will also see brochures that explain benefits packages, procedures, medication, and much more. Brochures help educate people on what companies do, what problems they may face, and how they can address them. You may publish just one brochure, and that could educate thousands, especially when you pass them out at an industry event where others are just directing people to websites.

Letterhead and Professional Paperwork

If you own a business, do not neglect to have proper letterhead and professional paperwork on hand. That includes envelopes, and other materials that have your business information, contact information, and more. These simple elements can be overlooked, but when you publish a letter or information with this in place, you will be able to send a message of professionalism. What stands out between someone with a hobby and someone who owns a business? Letterhead. When someone receives information via a well typed letter on official letterhead, they take it serious. This is tried and true, even in today’s digital age.

Promotional Posters

Did you know that the promotional poster is still one of the best ways to advertise? You may not immediately think about it, but if you consider events, you will see event posters all over buildings, within hallways, and even on bus stops. Promotional posters are not just for entertainment businesses; they can help nearly any industry. When you craft this correctly, you can send a great message and can show that your business is professional on all fronts.

If you think print is dead, you’re going to find yourself fighting a tough battle to grow your business offline.

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