Everyone wants a website to showcase their talents or their portfolio to the world. Not everyone has the information they need to make an informed decision regarding which route to go: “Do I let the experts handle it for me or do I build my own?” This crossroads affects baby startups to Fortune 100 companies across the globe. Both routes have pros and cons, but we learned from experience why outsourcing is the best route for all parties sitting at the table.

Here are solid reasons to hire the experts! If you don’t know exactly what “outsourcing” means, please ask Siri. She knows everything!

1. Time Savings

Your business, whether new or established is built around two key elements: money and time. When we first incorporated, we were eager to get off the ground running. Since we are a digital media production agency encompassing many forms of communication, we are the website development experts. But we are not experts in HR or handling payroll. Had we taken the slower road of having both an in-house HR and in-house payroll manager, we would have saved money, yes. But not time. For us, time outranked finances so we outsourced an unfamiliar part of business, which allowed us to begin scaling up sooner. You can follow in our footsteps for growth!

2. Less Stress

As a given, the power of an experienced veteran development team is unmatched. By outsourcing your website development, you have one more concern off your plate. No training of in-house staff is required. No wasting time if an website issue arises. You are paying for the convenience and security of trusted partners to handle your web development issues for you.

3. Developing Your Developers?

Are you taking the in-house route? Be aware you are now responsible for their growth and development since they’re part of your team. Thus, I return to the subject of the previous point – costs. Developers must remain current by means of continually investing in courses, training seminars, books and so on. Wouldn’t it be easier if the firm you hire handled their growth and development themselves?

4. One B2B Contract & Multiple Staffing Hurdles

Go grab your thinking cap for this one. Now, ponder the effort involved in dealing with an outside agency’s contract one time versus recruiting, hiring, training and maintaining one employee or more. Why restrict your W2 developer employee to certain business hours when an outside firm who plays by their own rules could handle updates, link checking and enhancements while your business is closed?

5. There’s No Place Like The Top

These are just a few of the biggest reasons why outsourcing gives you more opportunity to grow your business. We at Life Improvement Media send clients up high because there’s no place like the top. Many of our clients such as lawyers, health coaches, doctors and universities understand the value of time. We provide them back the time they would lose by taking the in-house route. Contact our media coordinator justin@life-improvement-media.websitepro.hosting to setup a consultation for your high-tech, low-touch web development project!

Thank you for your attention!

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