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We can already hear your first thought when it comes to not having a website: “I don’t need a website because I have social media. Facebook can be my website. Instagram can be my photo gallery, while Twitter is my email blast.” To be honest, that’s not a bad idea and makes empirical sense. However, the downside to only using social media is that you don’t own your content. Technically, you do own them, but you’re not the only one who can use them. These vague loopholes will make you laugh nervously. Be careful as to what you post and where on the internet. For now, keep reading on to see why you won’t be taken seriously without a website.

Social Media Is Not A Website

It’s as simple as the title: your social channels are not a website. They’re just not. They’re profiles on a social media platform that you have access to—not own—have access to and can control with content. Social media platforms are a step down from websites in terms of trackability. Yes, you can run analytics for postings and gauge impressions, engagements, likes, comments and so on. You have control over your posts, not the entire platform. But with a website pushing your content to the world, there are no limits. With a website, you have complete control. There are no algorithms to predict, attempt to manipulate for your gain, hack, fight against, etc. With a website, your main concern is bringing online traffic to it. With social as your “website,” there are many more obstacles.

Time For Critical Thinking

Unfortunately, a lot of people are oblivious to things right in front of them. It’s only when other people point out the obvious, they are surprised that it didn’t catch their attention the first time around. For instance, here’s a great hypocritical example. I’ve mentioned Gary Vaynerchuk before for his rather direct messages to entrepreneurs and businesses. While no pun intended, his messages are indeed direct and blunt; we love him. We pay attention to him and happily link to him within our blogs.

In his DailyVee blog series and in many talks over the years, he has said you don’t need a website. Social media works just as well to get your message out there. If Gary says websites are unnecessary then why does he have social media channels AND a real-deal website? Pause and think about that for a moment. THEN, factor in follow-up comments he’s made in his later content: “if you were truly concerned about strategy, you would watch what I do as opposed to what I say.” What’s the moral of the story here? … Actions speak louder than words. We believe Gary is right when he says to watch what he (and, by extension, other people) does rather than what they say. The same can be said of politicians and leaders.

Gary’s reputation is solid enough that now he doesn’t need his website. His Snapchat stories, Instagram stories, and Facebook videos will serve him just fine. Let’s be honest, he wouldn’t be where he is today without a website for Wine Library, the family business that netted him roughly $65 million in revenue.

For the average entrepreneur, you need a platform to share your story separate from a mathematically-controlled newsfeed. Social media is free for users for several reasons: ads bring in revenue and users pay the companies in time and consumption. Websites, which may cost a few bucks, when created and used properly, can bring unlimited benefits. Between websites and social media, you definitely get what you pay for.

Best Case Scenario

You should create the appropriate profiles on the channels best suited for your business and geared towards your audience. Do your homework and learn about websites. Configure your budget. Keep posting on social media to grow your brand. Learn which website platforms offer the most reach. To discover how you may be limited, refer to our previous blog. It covers how plug-and-play website services prevent your content’s reacha big factor prohibiting business growth.

We really believe it comes down to reputation. When you’re searching for a business or person online, you have a mental checklist of things to look for, in no order. Social presence is one. An active social presence is the second. A way to contact them is third. An official website also makes its way onto your list. Case and point: if you were searching for a business and they didn’t have a website, would you hire that business? Most likely not. You’ll move on to find a business that checks all your boxes before you call them or stop by their establishment.

In Summary

So if you are an entrepreneur, small business, public speaker or even network marketer, the public and your customers won’t take you seriously in this day and age without a website.

If you’d like to speak to us in regards to which type of website would work best for you, please do. We love to educate people on how to improve themselves via their business strategy and tactics. We’ll even take the grunt work off your plate that you’re not the experts in so you can focus more on your business. Better yet, if you would like to win a FREE website, enter our giveaway!

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